Arlington First Church of the Nazarene
Our Story

We are a church for people who want real change they can believe in.  We are participating in a story of change that we believe in…  Change from brokenness to healing… Change from isolation to community… Change from division to unity… Change from despair to hope…  Change from weariness to rest… Change from selfishness to service…  This story is not about us, but God. 

Arlington First Church of the Nazarene is nestled in the neighborhood of North Highland within the county of Arlington, VA.  The neighbors of North Highland are a good people, a special people.  We are a diverse people coming from all regions of the world.  Some of us come for a few years for work or education. Then, our journey takes us elsewhere.  Some of us have lived here for many years.  We continue to witness many changes.  We can see new high-rise condos and office buildings from our little neighborhood.  But some things do not change, like our desire to serve, learn and fellowship with one another. 

We are blessed by an abundance of new opportunities.  We thrive with the freedom of choices of restaurants and shops in the nearby areas of Georgetown, Clarendon, Ballston, Crystal City, Baileys Crossroad and Tyson Corner.   We are challenged by the ever-increasing cost of living, especially housing.  We enjoy recreating at our Dawson Terrace community park, and taking a jog or riding bicycles on the Custis Trail.  We live in a large city, but prefer not to wonder out to far too often.  The traffic is often unpleasant (and we will warn you about getting caught during rush hour).

Arlington First Church of the Nazarene has been part of this community since 1911.  Arlington First Church of the Nazarene’s purpose is to build meaningful relationships with God, each other, the community, and the world.  We are a family that values service, learning and fellowship.  We embrace the story of God’s love throughout history as fully revealed through Jesus Christ. We are shaped by this story. We believe in real change that a relationship with Christ brings.  This story enables us to make sense of our world.  This is a story for us who have tried our own way and failed.  This is a story for us who need rest.  Real rest… Like coming home after a long day…  Rest that brings joy, peace and hope.

Through the Holy Spirit, we become participants in sharing this story.  We help one another live out this story. We embrace the mission to call others to participate. Yes, this is real change you can believe in too.  Come and journey with us. 

Arlington First Church of the Nazarene
Arlington First Church of the Nazarene is located just outside of Washington, D.C. in Arlington, VA.

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