Arlington First Church of the Nazarene

What to Expect?
A break from your worries
A connection with others who share your troubles
An encounter with the God of all creation
A community where people know your name
A family where everyone is glad you came
An opportunity to share your gifts with those in need. 

A warm welcome – “May the LORD’s face shine upon you”
Each week, you will find the same faces at the door to warmly greet you.  Why?  Because they are passionate about giving a warm welcome and answering your questions: from current activities, kid’s classrooms to good places to eat.

A message of hope that deals with real life issues -
What if your boss called you and said, “I’ve got good news for you.”  Would you be interested?  We share a message of good news for all who listen.  The message is the story of the God who brings real change.

A constructive, safe learning environment for all ages
Each week, you will find the same faces teaching your children and youth.  Why?  We believe that growth is experienced in meaningful relationships.  Our teachers are passionate about the ongoing development and growth of your children and youth. 


Arlington First Church of the Nazarene
Celebrating Life Together

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